Butterfly Valves Types and Feature


1. Types of butterfly valve according to the structure
  1. Center sealing butterfly valve
  2. Single eccentric butterfly valve
  3. Double-eccentric sealing butterfly valve
  4. Three-eccentric sealing butterfly valve
 2. Types of butterfly valves according to sealing material

  1. Soft-sealing butterfly valve.
  2. Non-metallic soft materials to Non-metallic soft materials butterfly valve
  3. Metal to Non-metallic soft materials butterfly valve
  4. Metal-seal butterfly valve
3. Classification according to the sealing types of butterfly valve

  1. Forced sealing butterfly valve
  2. Elastic sealing butterfly valve
  3. Torque plus sealing butterfly valve
  4. Filling-pressure sealing butterfly valve. 
  5. Self-sealing valve
4. According to the working pressure classification
  1. Vacuum valve. Working pressure is lower than standard atmospheric heap
  2. Low-pressure valve. Nominal pressure PN <1.6MPa
  3. Medium pressure valve. For pressure is 2.5--6.4MPa
  4. High-pressure valve. For pressure 10.0--80.0MPa
  5. Super-High pressure valve. Nominal pressure PN> 100MPa
5. Butterfly valves type classified by operating temperature

  1. High temperature butterfly valve. t> 450 C
  2. Medium-temperature butterfly valve. 120 C <t <450 C
  3. Normal-temperature butterfly valve. -40C <t <120 C
  4. Low temperature valve. -100 <t <-40 C
  5. Cryogenic butterfly valve. t <-100 C
6. Butterfly valve types classified by connection

  1. Wafer butterfly valve
  2. Flanged butterfly valve
  3. Lug butterfly valves
  4. Welded butterfly valve
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