1.The chemical of element and mechanicsperformance of the subject material of the valve analyse and test by batch ,reaching the correlative material regulation standard.Wall thickness of pressure element has attained or exceeded GB and ASME etc. Standard.

2.The valves inspections strictly from GB/T13927(ISO5208) and JB/T9092(API598) standards when leaving factory,strength and sealing no leakage.

3.The valve process on strictly Three Principle,the size public errand accords with GB/T1800~1804 regulation.

4.Internal cavity of the butterfly valve processes ,machines,and smear high-grade rust-proof oil,the appearance polish carefully,spraying paint whether customer require settle . If the customer has no clear require ,according to JB/T106 regulation standards.

5.According to the contract ,our company can do the installation ,debugging of guidance and offer the relevent technical data.Can send someone to get to the scene in case of necessity.

6.The butterfly valve presents quality problems ,the other provinces are reached in 48 hours after receiving user's telephone .Arrive and go on repair ,debug in 24 hours for local.

7.The butterfly valve is quality guality guarantee period in 12 months on the day of leaving the factory. In these period products appear quality problem because of material defective or manufacturing...etc. Appear in normal usage ,the company implements"three guarantees"

Pre-sale support
YUDA's technical support team which is throughout the world and have the professional knowledge level will help you to solve the problems . Our vission is work through professional consultation, exquisite technical support and rigorous work attitude, to provide you with the comprehensive feasible high quality  in order to constantly meet your needs, and finally achieve satisfactory results.
Select equipment model;
Design and manufacture products according to clients' special requirement;
Train technical personnel for clients.


Services during the sale

In the process of the clients buying the products, we will through a series of rigorous service style to provide clients the satisfactory and considerate service.

If you are an export client, we will support you the thoughtful documentary service from the date of signing the contract until the equipment installation and modulation finished.

YUDA through the own established system that have efficient mechanism, worldwide service and excellent supply network, ensure the spare parts and materials' demand and consumption of the clients in production activities.

We respect clients and always devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients:


After-sales service support

After we signed the purchase contract and have a certain reputation guarantee, we will contact the professional group that responsible for ship bookings, commodity inspection, commercial invoices, packing list, insurance policy and so on, in order to provide you the perfect goods trading services, until the product you purchased properly to your hands.


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